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Montana Law Enforcement Museum

Montana Law Enforcement Museum

The Montana Law Enforcement Museum opened the doors to the "new" Museum in Philipsburg on June 23, 2015. The Museum was originally located in Deer Lodge at the old Territorial Prison, and later moved to the Holiday Village Mall in Great Falls. Due to financial difficulties, the Museum had to close it doors on Dec. 31, 2011. The artifacts and displays were placed in storage. "A very sad time for all law enforcement."

In December of 2013, the leaders of all law enforcement associations and groups were contacted, and a request was made for each to appoint a person to the Museum Board as outlined in the By-Laws. A new Board was established, and work was started with a goal to get the artifacts and displays out of storage.

The new Board had their first meeting in January of 2014. The first order of business was to review the By-Laws, and determine if changes needed to be made. In April of 2014 amendments were made to the existing By-Laws, which were originally adopted in 1989.

The Board then began to develop a plan to establish a "new" Museum. Attorney General Tim Fox graciously agreed to author an opinion editorial telling the story about the Museum, why it was closed and in storage, and requesting anyone with ideas for a new location to contact the Museum Board. Attorney General Fox provided the editorial to all former Montana Attorneys General and requested they sign on, which all of them did.

Community leaders in Philipsburg contacted the Board, and requested a meeting to discuss the issue suggesting Philipsburg would be a great location for the Law Enforcement Museum.

Over the next few months, meetings were organized, discussions took place, and after one year and 3 months, the Board unanimously voted to lease a building in Philipsburg on temporary basis, and open the Museum.

And on June 23, 2015 the new Museum located at 212 East Broadway St. in Philipsburg will open its doors to the public.

Congratulations to a dedicated and hard working Museum Board of Directors for spending 18 months of tireless commitment to achieve such a lofty goal of finally getting the rich history of Montana law enforcement open for public viewing.

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