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Line of Duty Deaths

1890s Losses

There are 11 line of duty deaths from the 1890s we have listed on the Montana Law Enforcement Museum web site.

Sheriff Dominick Cavanaugh

End of Watch: December 23, 1898

Sheriff Cavanaugh was killed by his opponent in the previous election.

Policeman Luke Curry

End of Watch: November 19, 1898

Policeman Curry was shot by a business owner.

Special Deputy Jack Allen

End of Watch: January 24, 1897

Special Deputy Allen was deputized earlier in day of his EOW.

Policeman Fred Parlin

End of Watch: March 18, 1896

Policeman Parlin was shot and killed while investigating a shots fired call.

City Marshall Perry Downing

End of Watch: November 7, 1895

City Marshall Commodore Downing died from injuries after being struck by a street car.

Policeman Frederick Kranbeck

End of Watch: January 15, 1895

Policeman Kranbeck was killed during an explosion

Policeman Dennis Daly

End of Watch: July 4, 1894

Policeman Daly was killed during a riot over anti-Catholic symbols were displayed on a saloon.

Patrolman John Flynn

End of Watch: April 11, 1894

Police Officer Flynn was shot and killed when he interrupted a burglary.

Deputy James Mackay

End of Watch: May 13, 1893

Deputy MacKay died from gun shot wounds sustained 2 days before his death.

Special Deputy William Rader

End of Watch: May 9, 1893

Special Deputy Williams Rader was shot and killed in a shootout.

Patrolman William Jordan

End of Watch: June 24, 1892

Officer Jordan was shot and killed after interrupting a burglary.