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Constable Valmore DeRosier

Marysville Police Department

Constable Val De Rosier was shot and killed in the line of duty. At approximately 3 a.m. Constable De Rosier and Dennis Shea, Marysville mine foreman, heard an explosion and after searching locations nearby came to a local saloon where the suspects began firing immediately. The first shot struck Constable De Rosier in the hand, and as he was attempting to find cover the shooters continued to fire 13 to 15 shots upon him, striking him in the abdomen. Mr. Shea fled in a different direction and called for assistance. It is believed Constable De Rosier died at the scene. The shooters were able to escape through the confusion and it is believed that the car was spotted in nearby Helena soon after the shooting but this was never confirmed. His mother, three sisters, and three brothers survived Constable De Rosier.

End of Watch:
September 13, 1917