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Deputy Sheriff Julius B. Olson

Teton County Sheriff's Department

Department Patch

Deputy Olson was shot and killed while investigating a suspicious man with a rifle. A citizen had approached Deputy Olson in Dutton and informed him that he had found a rifle in his car that did not belong to him. Deputy Olson asked the citizen to bring the rifle to him. When the citizen returned to his car he found a man holding the rifle and overheard him say "they can't get me now." The citizen returned to Deputy Olson and told him what he observed. Deputy Olson then went to a local store and called for backup. As Deputy Olson spoke with another citizen about getting a ride, the suspect, who was hiding nearby, shot him in the stomach. Deputy Olson was taken to Choteau Hospital where he died two days later. The suspect had escaped from custody prior to the incident and was known to hold a grudge against Deputy Olson for previous encounters with him. The man's body was found in a field two days later with a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Deputy Olson had served with the Teton County Sheriff's Department for 1 year and was survived by his wife and six children.

End of Watch:
September 30, 1935
On the Force:
1 years