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Policeman James Pace

Butte Police Department

Department Patch

Policeman James Pace suffered a fatal heart attack after an intense struggle with a man with a gun. He had been alerted to a disturbance involving three men on East Galena Street, and told the men to move along when he arrived at the location. The men refused to leave, at which point Policeman Pace told them they were under arrest. One of the men drew a revolver and pointed it at Policeman Pace, who was able to knock it from his hand. Policeman Pace then drew his own gun and the two struggled for three minutes before the subject was shot in the hand and surrendered. Other officers arrived and took the subject to the city jail. Policeman Pace began to feel ill and collapsed. He was taken to the emergency hospital where he died later that day.

End of Watch:
July 27, 1915