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Policeman Charles Wilson

Livingston Police Department

Department Patch

Officer Wilson was shot and killed when he interrupted a burglary in progress at a local house. Officer Wilson chased the two suspects into a nearby rail yard where he was shot and killed when the suspects opened fire. One of the suspects dropped a bag belonging to Deputy Joseph Morgan of the Muskogee County, Oklahoma, Sheriff's Department. The suspects had murdered Deputy Morgan in Tarrant County, Texas, while he was transporting them back to Oklahoma after they had been arrested in Texas. After murdering Officer Wilson, the suspects fled and went on to murder Officer Haze Burch of the Phoenix, Arizona, Police Department when Officer Burch caught them siphoning gas from a vehicle.
One of the suspects was convicted in Arizona of murdering Officer Burch and hanged on January 8, 1926. The other brother was convicted in Texas of murdering of Deputy Morgan and was sentenced to life in prison.

End of Watch:
August 20, 1924